One week’s time

In one week

  • I (happily) didn’t make myself write here.
  • I got a generous compliment (from somebody who matters) for a really difficult project I recently finished.
  • I found in a box something I made 15 years ago and was pleasantly surprised to realize I am still hugely proud of it.
  • I started to rekindle a friendship that had been distanced for some time.
  • I got really sick with a fever that got me dreaming that children were tiny butterflies and could stamp their existence in kisses of color on a piece of paper wich was a clue to help me find where they were (down the vertical silver tunnel, behind the fuzzy purple drape).
  • I got another strong confirmation that getting my mother to acknowledge that there are others in the world other than herself is, as of yet, impossible.

What happens in a week is so easily forgotten if I don’t think back on it.
I don’t wanna forget.