Don’t give up on them, those pomegranates

So if you get a pomegranate and you’ve never had one before you might be lucky or you might be not. When it’s good, you cut it and tear it apart and the garnet colored seeds are plump and taut and full of juice. When you eat those juicy seeds, they burst when you chew them, the center is only a tiny bit and it sort of disappears and you can just eat it all. They are a sweet and tart wonderfulness. When the pomegranate is not so good several things might happen. Maybe some if it is brownish rather than red. And then it’s a bit overly sweet, like past what it could be, maybe a smidge turned, somewhat flat. Maybe you get it and it’s been out for too long, off the tree, and it’s dry so that when you chew on the seeds there’s a lot of a hard, pulpy, almost woody center and only just a quick burst of juice and it might not seem so right to eat that woody part. You can make the best of it and chew all the yumminess out of it and then spit out the center mush.  If this happens and you haven’t had a good one before you might not be able to say, “Oh, too bad, this was just not such a good one yet I’ll make the best of it, better luck next time”. You might say instead, “What’s the big deal anyway with this stupid, ridiculous, expensive fruit, I don’t even know what all the hoopla is about, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth!”  And you might stop searching for it, that good one, and then you’ll really miss out.

So if you don’t quite get it or don’t quite like it… don’t give up on them, those pomegranates. There is a perfect one out there for you. There is a perfect one for everyone.