Thank You

Thank You

I said I’d do it and I (blush, sniff) did it.  I wrote every day for a month.  I know it’s probably a small feat for some of you out there but it was totally a new thing for me.  Had never done it before and now: I did it.  Now I know what it’s like for me to do something like that.  And I can’t help but wanna say Thank You.

If you read me, Thank You, you helped me understand what it’s like to be read. Seeing numbers go up bit by bit was motivating and suprising.

If you didn’t read me, Thank You as well. You helped me understand what it’s like to not be read. It was important and sobering.

If you “liked” a post, Thank You, I was proud and flattered every time. I looked at the “likes” over and over again. It was exciting to have touched somebody even if I didn’t know exactly how.

If you have a blog and you liked a post, Thank You for keeping your blog up so that I could take in a bit of your perspective and learn a bit about you and where you are coming from.

If you didn’t have a blog and you liked a post, Thank You for even looking. I had no idea anybody without one would even be able to see something I wrote.

If you commented, Thank You, you made it tangible that there were humans on the other side. You were kind and generous with your comments and for that I also Thank You (it was intimidating to think it could be otherwise!)

If you supported me to stick with it and not give up, Thank You, my doubts and hesitations were real and you helped me push on.

I was even Liebstered and it was so totally flattering! Thank you! I will post my proper Liebster post very soon (I just wanna do it right… an exasperating lack of time in the last few weeks has prevented this from happening but my big project is done so I’ll be able to do right by it now).

If you followed me for any amount of time, Thank You, wow. Wow. Me? I am so honored. And excited I will now have more time and be able to dedicate a bit more thought to my posts in order to deliver more at my best and less at my hurried-est.

Thank You also to Zerotohero, you helped me understand a lot of the possibilities I had with my blog and with more time I will go back to your prompts so that I can try them all out.

And Thank You to WordPress. For this awesome soapbox. Hats off to you folks!

It feels really great to have had this experience. I did like it and will now tailor it to something a bit less pushy for myself: Instead of posting every day I will aim to post once a week (though I’ve yet to figure out what deadline day of the week I will give myself… I think that will be necessary in order to actually keep this up).

Anyway, Thank You for being there and all that. You’ve made me a better person, you’ve given me something incredible. I feel so lucky!

to following through,
to new experiences,
to writing,
to posting,
to reading,
to connecting,
to appreciating,
to you,
to me,
to this.


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