That old heartbreak


That old heartbreak, is it gone?

Who was it?  How did it end?  Did you do it?  Were you right to?  Wrong to?  Or was it them, did they end it?  What happened?  Did you understand?

And after it ended, for how long did you mourn?  Or are you still?  If it’s over or if it lives, what have you done in the midst of that pain?  What did you do to get past it, if you’ve gotten past it?  What can you do?

Is it just one heartbreak you think of when you think of this or are there more?  And if there are more, is there a hierarchy?  The most, the least, the best, the worst…

And if you have somebody now, right now, the be-all-end-all-of-them-all (at least I hope that’s who they are for you), what does this do to those old ones?  Those old, excruciating heartbreaks.  Do they change in measure, in relevance?  Were they just a path, a sort of prep-school that enabled you to appreciate this one now?  Or were they just there, inevitable encounters in a life around people but with no effect or relevance toward this one?  Were they the one that got away?  

Maybe you’re not with anybody right now.  If so, where have those heartbreaks gone?  Are they right there?  Are they a good riddance, in spite of the heartbreak?  Do they add up to the story of why you are alone?  How close, how far do they feel?  

Where do they go?


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