Dreams and garlic


Does anybody have advice on what to do to remember your dreams?  I hardly ever remember them…  it’s really rare.  Sometimes I think I remember dreams only if there is something really intense going on in my life and sometimes I’ve thought that I’m remembering them because I have eaten something particular that evening (sometimes I have eaten seafood that evening and it makes me think that’s what has done it).  One time a doctor recommended I start to take a bunch of vitamins and he said, “don’t be surprised if you have really vivid dreams”.  I did and it was pretty great.  I just can’t remember what vitamin specifically was the one that made me dream and the doctor is in a city far, far away.  Yes, I’ll do a web search but I just thought I’d ask and see if any humans out there had any tips from their own experience.



Puree a whole garlic clove with a few pinches of salt (to taste) and enough olive oil to help the puree process (I use about the same amount of olive oil as there is of garlic- I use a little more or a little less, depending on what method I use to make the paste).  Save it in a little jar in the fridge and have it ready to put it on everything.  It’s a super handy way to store it in order to have it ready to cook with too.  But raw, oh my gosh raw, is just so incomparable!  A wonderful feeling comes from knowing that this is such an absolutely delicious and bright taste that you really don’t care who smells the garlic on you.


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