But how will I find you?

Some time ago, I was teaching at a day camp for 5 year olds.  Our teaching assistant was a young college student.  She was a really great teacher and very sweet with the kids.  We took them swimming every day, offered a wide variety of interesting science and art workshops, and played all sorts of games.  It was so much fun.  One of our campers, a playfully rambunctious yet somewhat reserved boy, really took to the teaching assistant and would plop himself on her lap whenever we got the group together on the floor.  On the last day of camp, kids were casually talking about what they were going to do next.  Some kids had other camps, some had trips, and some were going to spend some time at home.  Plopped on her lap as usual, he suddenly turned her face to him with his hand and urgently asked, “What about you?  What are YOU going to do?”  She lightly said she wasn’t sure, that she was going to travel a bit and maybe spend some time with her family.  He started to explain to her that he wanted to know where she’d be, he wanted to know how he was going to be able to figure out where she was.  “But how will I find you?”   She explained she really didn’t know because she wasn’t sure herself where she was going to be in the next few months.  “I must be able to find you,” he said, “I will tear the world apart to get to you”.


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