Make a tiny snowman

After a weekend’s worth of snow storm, below freezing temperatures, and icy rain, we get a 50°F Monday with lush and swooping street-level fog.  I’m off today because of Reyes.  Yesterday was rough.  But fog fixes things, warmer weather fixes things, so does writing and Reyes and a good night sleep and a self-imposed day off that makes no sense to anybody around me but me.  In celebration, I had my coffee and Reyes-gifted little can of Vienna sausages outside, in the back stoop (yes, “salchichas”… in honor of the kid I once was).  I put out the compost and touch the sludgy snow with my bare hands.  And I make a tiny snowman.  Immediately.  And two friends.  A little family maybe?  The Three Kings?  I think both.  Because they’re magic.  And magic has everything you want.


If you got the goods, make some tiny snowmen today! xoxo


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