and that should be reason enough.

It’s easier not to do it.  Not to write this.  Because writing “outward” feels scary.  Because of what you might write back or what you might think.  But I’ll never know what it’s like to do this unless I do it and I really want to know.  Or, rather, I really don’t want to not know what it’s like.  So here it goes.  And if you stick around, thanks for being a part of it.


January 1st:  Today is the first day.  And the ice in the streets is dirty and shiny and solid and there and salt doesn’t make a difference.  Sooty and buffed.  Grey glass.  Sculptures.  Meltable litter.

And tomorrow I will go to work.

And tonight I will fantasize about things that can’t happen. Or haven’t and feel like they won’t.

And I will post this post.  For me.  For you.  For anyone.

Happy new year.


  • pulled pork for breakfast is a good idea
  • coffee should be strong if that’s what you like
  • fish tanks that look like ponds can be healthier than the ones that look like toys
  • shoulds are arbitrary and subjective and most are best ignored

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